Becoming a Data Scientist the Master of Data

This series of articles consists of 4 main chapters and this article is “Who Is A Data Scientist, What Is It, What Does It Do?” is the second part of the series.

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As you have read this article, you are aware that a large amount of data is generated at any time and that this data must be made meaningful quickly. A new data-oriented understanding is emerging for human beings, who have become data-driven at every point from our entertainment channels to our defense systems. In short:

We are all data now. We expect to be made meaningful with our whole life. We are something meaningless in the digital world.

We used to be a speck in the universe, at least we knew what we were, and now we are a pile of data that perhaps hasn’t even been described yet.

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We will talk about Data Scientists who will make you, your environment and the world more meaningful.

The article targets a wide audience in terms of inclusiveness. There is no doubt that the article title is one of the most researched topics in the related field. Questions about the subject are usually as follows:

  • Can data-oriented improvements be made in my company? What values can I extract from my current data? I don’t know what to do about it?
  • I am a 10-year-old Javan, there is no end to this business, my chance of promotion is limited. What will happen if I both rise? This area attracts my attention more. I want to head towards this field, what should I do?
  • I am a software developer, I want to be a data scientist, what should I do?
  • I am a student of Statistics, Econometrics, Computer or Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, … and I want to be a data scientist, what should I do?
  • I’m on the business intelligence side, I want to go this way, what should I do?

With the motivation of being a comprehensive guide that can answer all the questions that can be derived, similar to the above questions, I aim to meet many of the needs you may need in becoming a “Data Scientist”.

First of all, should I set out to become a “Data Scientist”? What’s the trend of this business? Let’s look at their questions and make the decision to become a Data Scientist based on data! Then let’s move on to the concepts of Data Science and Data Scientist.

A Quick Look at the Data Science Trend

1. Top 3 Jobs in America of 2019

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It has been among the top 3 professions in America for a long time and it seems that it will not change with this departure.

2. Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

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“If “sexy” means having rare qualities that are much in demand, data scientists are already there. They are difficult and expensive to hire and, given the very competitive market for their services, difficult to retain. There simply aren’t a lot of people with their combination of scientific background and computational and analytical skills.”

The above article, written in 2012, has appeared on the first pages of many data science presentations.

3. Data Science Interest Trend with Google Trends

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The image appearing in Google Trends is observed to be more intense in technology centers.

4. “How to Become a Data Scientist?” The Question and Its Popularity in the World

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It is observed that the countries that are in the trend are advanced countries in informatics and other fields.

5. Data Scientist Request

There is a good work IBM has done on this subject. They estimate that the demand for “Data Scientist” and “Advanced Analyst” will increase by 28 percent by 2020.

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Here we can deduce the following:

Since we are generating data faster than generating garbage, current trends for Data Science and Data Scientists seem to continue for a long time! So it’s time to start working to become a Data Scientist!

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My next post will be about “Capabilities and Responsibilities of the Data Scientist”. See you as soon as possible …

Do not forget!

“In life, the most real guide is science … MKA”

“and you can explain this with data… MA”



Experienced Ph.D. with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, Big Data, & Mathematics.

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