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This series of articles consists of 4 main chapters and this article is “Who Is A Data Scientist, What Is It, What Does It Do?” is the last part of the series.

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At the end of our article series, let’s look for answers to the basic questions that may come to mind for those who want to become a Data Scientist.


1.Is It Necessary to Have All of These Features to Become a Data Scientist?
Make sure No. For example; Data science projects can also be taken in cases where cloud technologies, big data technologies and even open source software are not needed. A Data Science Project can also be taken with SPSS and SAS. A data science project can also be done by modeling on a small amount of data set. The important point here is that the Data Scientist should extract meaningful information from the data using the above TOOLS. The project can be done by having at least the above features, but nowadays it has become inevitable to use most of the above features.

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2. So Which At Least Should I Learn So That I Will Be On The Way To Become A Data Scientist?
- Asking the Right Questions on Problems
- Analytical Perspective
- Basic Programming Language: Especially Python, R, etc
- Database: SQL + Any
- Statistical Learning: All items
- Machine Learning: All items

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3. Where Would I Hang If I Did The Above And Shake The Others?

  • When data grows in size and can’t handle existing systems, you get stuck. Need to learn Big Data Technologies and Linux Command Line.
  • You get stuck when your company doesn’t want to pay for packaged programs. SPSS, SAS etc.
  • When the need for scalability arises when the package programs become unable to respond to their demands, you still get stuck. You need R and Python.
  • If our data and applications are said to be in the cloud, you will still be stuck. It is necessary to know cloud technologies and especially Linux Command Line.
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4. So How Do I Become a Data Scientist?

Welcome to the Data Science World …

In fact, if you acquire the above features, you will become a data scientist. I have tried to provide you with all the information you need to acquire these skills through my Medium account. I have tried to include case-oriented studies as well as examining all the abilities required to carry out end-to-end data science projects.

So “oh dear data, what am I going to do now?” I will try to create content as a guide in the future in cases where data is not available with the questions. You can reach me from my Linkedin account for all your questions and requests.

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Hope to meet you in other series articles and articles …🖖🏼

Do not forget!

“In life, the most real guide is science … MKA”

“and you can explain this with data… MA”


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